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UnPork Chile Verde Tamales by Maria Vazquez

Yields1 Serving

This recipe by Maria Vazquez for her Vegan UnPork Chile Verde tamales is out of this world! The step-by-step instructions include washing flour to create a flavor and texture that would make any carnivore proud! Find more recipes from Maria and many others, as well as tons of information from a fabulous and helpful community by joining The Washed Flour and Other Seitan Recipes and Methods Facebook group.


 Corn Husks
For the Cornmeal Dough:
 5 lb. of cornmeal flour
 3 tbsp baking powder
 3 tbsp baking soda
 salt to taste
 3-4 cups hot water
For the Simmering Broth:
 4-6 cups water
 ½ cup chopped/sliced carrots
 ½ cup chopped/sliced celery
 1 chopped medium onion
 4-6 cloves roughly chopped garlic
 4 bay leaves
 1 tsp crushed oregano or 1 sprig fresh oregano
 veggie broth to taste
For the Unpork Seitan:
 8 cups wheat bread flour
 3 cups cold water
 ½ cup pea protein flour
 ¼ cup oil
 2 tbsp strong veggie broth, coco aminos or soy sauce
 2 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional)
 1 tbsp ancho chili powder
 1 tbsp regular chili powder
 1 tbsp paprika
 2 tbsp garlic powder
 2 tbsp onion powder
 2 tbsp mushroom powder
 2-4 tsp ground oregano
 2-4 tsp ground cumin
 2-4 tsp ground coriander

Start by soaking your corn husks in hot water so that they will be soft and pliable when you are ready to start stuffing.

The Cornmeal Dough:

1. Place your 5 lbs. of cornmeal in a mixing bowl and whisk in baking powder, baking soda and salt until well blended.


2. Add the oil and massage through the cornmeal until it is well incorporated.


3. Start adding your hot water ½ cup at a time until you have a very soft dough that can be easily spread onto the corn husks later.

Unpork Seitan:

1. Mix flour with water to make a nice dough ball. I like to really work the dough ball for at least 20-30 minutes to activate the gluten. You will know it is done when you poke your finger into the dough and it springs back into shape.


2. Then set it in a bowl covered with cold water for at least 45 minutes.


3. Start washing in cold water to get all the starch out. You will have to empty your bowl and add fresh water and repeat up to 4-5 times until water is almost clear, but make sure to reserve the first rinse in a separate bowl for use as a thickener later.


4. Set it aside in a colander to drain excess water for minimum of 30 minutes.


5. Take half of your seitan and cut it up into small pieces and put in food processor with half of all the remaining ingredients.


6. Blend in food processor until it forms a dough ball.


7. Then tear it up in pieces and throw it back into the food processor and blend until dough ball again. Repeat one more time.


8. Follow steps 5-7 with the other half of ingredients.


9. Take both halves of dough and knead together, then set in a bowl in your refrigerator for minimum 30 minutes.


10. Remove from the refrigerator after 30 minutes and stretch it out as long as you can without tearing then make 2-3 knots and wrap in cheesecloth or cotton muslin type cloth and tie with twine.


11. Make a simmering broth as per instructions above with enough water to cover your wrapped seitan. Since we didn’t add much salt to the seitan, make sure to use enough veggie broth to well season your simmering broth. Bring the simmering broth to a boil and reduce heat to a simmer, then place your wrapped seitan into the broth. (Never boil once your seitan is in the broth or you will get a spongy texture!).


12. Let simmer for 1 hour, turn over and simmer one more hour.


13. Remove from broth and let cool, make sure to reserve the broth.


14. Once cooled shred your seitan and set aside.

Unpork Tamale Filling:

1. Using a slotted spoon, take out all the veggies from your reserved simmering broth and discard only the bay leaves.


2. Place all the veggies into a blender, puree and return to your broth.


3. Bring your broth to a slow boil and add just enough of the starch while continually whisking to your broth until thickened slightly thicker than regular gravy.


4. Add onions and roasted green chiles and mix well.


5. Add your seitan until well incorporated and remove from heat and set aside.


6. Take your softened corn husks and spread your cornmeal dough on each leaf, leaving about ½ inch from the top and bottom of each leaf without dough. Follow this step until all leaves are done.


7. Fill each leaf with the unpork filling, roll and close bottom tapered end by folding up.


8. Place your filled tamales into your steamer and steam for 2 hours (make sure to add water as needed for steaming).


9. Enjoy!!!!