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Yields1 Serving

This is it!
This pepperoni has the firmness, the bite, the spiciness, and the texture of its non-vegan counterpart, and no one would ever know them apart. Made in the larger-than-life NYC pizza slice style, it satisfies all the cravings, having you come back for more.

 ¼ cup cold filtered water
 4 tbsp sun-dried tomato paste
 4 tbsp tomato paste
 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
 2 tbsp canola oil
 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
 2 tsp fennel seeds
 1 tsp mustard powder
 1 tsp red pepper flakes(depending on your spice preference)
 2 tsp paprika
 2 tsp smoked paprika
 1 ½ tsp brown sugar
 1 ½ tsp onion powder
 2 tsp garlic powder
 2 tsp MSG or salt
 2 tsp black pepper
 2 tbsp Methylcellulose High Viscosity(Make sure it is high viscosity NOT low viscosity. This correlates to how tightly it binds the ingredients, and how much bounce and bite it gives them once cooked. It’s very important to use it, otherwise your pepperoni will be too soft when cooked. Do not skip this ingredient! Most grocery stores do not carry this- go online.)
 2 tbsp Kappa CarrageenanThis is a binding agent, but also works to retain moisture and makes things taste fatty. It is very important to not skip this ingredient! Online also.)
 2 tsp Soy Lecithin(Optional, but really good for binding dissimilar ingredients together, and preserving flavors. Also magic in making things non sticky when grilled or fried. Online as well.)
 1 ⅓ cups Vital Wheat Gluten
 7-8 drops red food dye
 ½ can ( whole can measure 15.5 oz) great northern beans
 2 tbsp (uncooked measure) pearl pasta, al dente (Optional) Pearl pasta makes for the absolute best fatty-looking bits, but you can also try orzo if you can't find pearl.
 4-5 slices/chunks of vegan cheese of your choosing(Optional)

In a food processor (ideally one with a dough attachment) mix everything from the water to the red food dye, for 7-8 minutes, or until the gluten develops. You need to clearly see the gluten strands. Do not stop before this happens!


While your processor is busy with the gluten, you can chop up the beans, pasta, and cheese, and place them all in a large mixing bowl. Once the gluten is ready, chop/tear it up as well, and mix it into the beans, pasta, and cheese.


Form a log, and then proceed to cut up (like you’re mincing) until you get the right look with the white/yellow shapes throughout your pepperoni. See vid on how to chop up here (7.42 mark)-


Once you are satisfied with it, re-shape the dough into a log shape, and then wrap it tightly in foil. This should make one large pepperoni log, 6 inches long, around 2~2,5 inches in diameter (or go for two smaller ones- your call). Wrap in second foil, to make sure it stays put and does not open up while steaming.


Steam for 1 hour and 20 mins.

Refrigerate overnight.

Slice medium thin, and pan fry both sides in olive oil. Let chill for 20 minutes, or more, before placing it on a pizza, and before baking the pizza. This way the pepperoni stays firm, and gives the most perfect bite and chew.
If you just place it on a pizza, in its “raw” form, the baked roni will be much softer, and can also dry out, without the extra oil.

The sliced-up pepperoni keeps in the fridge for 10 days, but as this recipe gives quite a few portions, my suggestion is to slice it all up, divide your desired portion sizes, wrap them in foil, and freeze.
It lasts up to a month (possibly even more, it just never lasts my home past this time).
Quick defrost and pan fry, gets them ready for pizza, sandwiches, or wherever your pepperoni needs may take you.

* If adding cheese: It will melt when you bake/fry, so it’s more for the visual on the dry cut itself. As vegan cheese can be an expensive buy, and it doesn’t really add much to the flavor (it’s like it’s whispering while the other stuff is screaming), this is the one ingredient most easily removed.

** Not all brands of VWG are created equal. Anthony’s (4 pounds at $19 at Amazon) rules supreme.

*** McCormick red food coloring is certified vegan, wonderfully saturated, and adheres to gluten amazingly. Even when washing flour, you can color it before the wash, and it will not wash out. Do yourself a favor and get it. It will up your seitan game.

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