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Miyoko’s UnTurkey with Stuffing and Gravy

Yields1 Serving

Watch Miyoko as she recreates for you her famous UnTurkey with gravy and stuffing. Recipe transcription originally shared on The Seitan Appreciation Society Facebook group and Half-Priced Hippie.

Miyoko Schinner prepares her vegan roast turkey

 2 cups nutritional yeast
 2 tbsp sea salt
 1 tsp ginger
 1 tsp tumeric
 2 tsp black pepper
 2 tsp marjoram
 2 tsp tarragon
 2 tsp paprika
 2 tsp rosemary
 4 tsp sage
 4 tsp celery seeds
 4 tsp garlic powder
 4 tsp onion powder
 3 cups water
 3 tbsp soy sauce
 ¼ cup garbanzo (chickpea) flour
 ¼ cup spice mix
 4 cups vital wheat gluten
 1 pot of water
 ½ cup seasoning mix
  tsp soy sauce
 oil in pan
 1 large onion, diced
 34 carrots, diced
 34 stalks celery, diced
 1 pinch sea salt
 1 pan breadcrumbs(cube day old bread and dry out in the oven for 15 minutes at 350)
 1 tbsp sage
 1 tbsp rosemary
 1 tsp celery salt
 ¼ cup spice mix
 ½ cup white wine
 ½ cup canola oil
 2 Yuba (soy milk skin)fresh/frozen needs to be reconstituted in water. Fresh doesn’t
 ¼ cup oil
 23 tbsp flour

SPICE MIX: Mix spice mix all together in a blender.


UNTURKEY: Stir everything well up to the 4 cups vital wheat gluten. Add that to the rest and mix well. Form the seitan into a large oval and place on cookie sheet, bake for half an hour at 350 to set so it doesn’t expand way too much when boiling and become spongy.


BROTH: Remove unturkey, allow to deflate a bit as it will and then simmer in broth for an hour. Taste the broth after it’s simmered for a bit to see if it needs more seasoning mix. Remove and set aside to cool. Save the broth – freeze it if you’re not making the rest today, but save this magic juice. You’ll need it for the rest of the steps.

Once the seitan is completely cool, slice a bit of the fat side and butterfly it. Then slice the Unturkey in half (not all the way) and put the Unturkey back into the broth while the skin is being made.

NOTE: You can freeze at this step until needed.


Sautee ingredients up to the breadcrumbs for three minutes - it doesn’t have to get tender as it will cook inside the Unturkey.

Mix vegetables with breadcrumbs and add remaining spices. Mix very well to allow the oil to coat and soak into the breadcrumbs so that the stuffing won’t end up soggy. Once properly mixed, use 3 cups of the broth from the finished seitan for the stuffing. Mix well. Keep adding broth until the breadcrumbs are moist if needed.


UNTURKEY SKIN: Put the wrung out yuba sheets into a bowl with the leftover broth.

Take the skin and put it down into the baking dish, allow it to hang over the sides. Take the base of the seitan (butterflied piece) and put it into the pan. Add most of the stuffing on top of the base and mold into a tall mountain and place the now butterflied big piece of seitan on top of the mountain. Wrap the seitan in the overhanging yuba, take the second piece that has been soaking and cover the entire Unturkey, folding undernearth. For extra thick skin, you can add another sheet of yuba. Add veggies to the side of the tukey, baste Unturkey and veggies.

Bake for 30-45 minutes. If the seitan has been frozen, it’ll take a day to thaw in the fridge and an hour to cook in the oven.


Add about 3-4 cups of hot stock from the cooked seitan and whisk. Add a splash of white wine. Splash of soy sauce for color. Add 1 T of seasoning mix. Taste.

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