Turkee is a collection of delicious vegan turkey recipes made from seitan or utilizing vital what gluten. Find the perfect turkey roast from famous vegan chefs and bloggers like Chef Skye Michael Conroy’s Succulent Roast Turky and Miyoko Schinner’s UnTurkey with Stuffing and Gravy. The vegan turkey deli slices from 86eats are amazing! The collection also includes videos for creating the most impressive holiday centerpieces.Learn how to replicate crispy “skin” by using rice paper, yuba and various cooking techniques.

Roast Turkee II | Washed Flour Seitan

This is a slight variation to my first washed flour turkee recipe. I left out the mushrooms, started with a little more flour for a larger yield, and slightly adjusted the amount of seasonings and tofu. I really twisted the dough when knotting this one and wrapped in a cheesecloth to keep it from expanding in my slow cooker. I think this improved the texture, giving it a better "meat grain," but it's still just as flavorful and juicy as the original.

November 15th, 2021|

Washed Flour Roast Turkee

Looking for a new twist on vegan roast turkey? Try making it from washed flour! The texture is spot-on, the flavor is impeccable (without a hint of that gluteny taste), and it's so juicy you don't even need gravy... though I'm not skipping it lol. The addition of the skin thanks to YdaJun's Plant-Based Kitchen's recipe really sets this over the top.

October 25th, 2020|
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