Vegan Fish SauceBy JenUse this simple vegan fish sauce as you would traditionally to enhance the flavors of any dish. This recipe gets its fishiness from kombu, umami from shiitake mushrooms, and has a little bit of sweet, sour, and savory to balance everything out.
Steak SeasoningBy JenSimple and versatile, this steak seasoning can be used to "beef" up any of your seitan dishes. You can even make a quick broth using about 1T per cup of boiling water, plus about 1/2-1T of soy sauce/liquid aminos per cup.
Vegan Worcestershire SauceBy JenWhy buy a vegan Worcestershire sauce when you can make it at home without so much extra added sugar and nonsense? The key to this version does come from one slightly unusual ingredient, but that's what puts this recipe over-the-top! This beefs up any seitan dish, and also helps mask any gluteny flavor.
Meaty Broth – Three WaysBy JenEnhance any seitan recipe by using a flavorful broth in place of water, or use the broth for simmering (or both!). Beginning with the broth base, add the ingredients for either a chickun, beaf, or porq-style broth to suit your recipe needs.
Ribz RubBy JenNot really just for ribz, you can use this mixture for any BBQ-style seitan. You just might want to cut back on the salt if you’re using it along with a soy sauce in your wet mix.
Chickun BouillonBy JenMake a quick no-chicken broth or add some to your seitan dough for a quick boost of chicken flavor, minus the meat!