10 Seitan Recipes Perfect for
Your Next Cookout

Bring a seitan dish to your next barbecue or picnic that even the omnis will enjoy! This collection of recipes is perfect for grilling season, but good enough to be enjoyed any time of year.

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Steak and Peppercorn Sauce

If you’re looking for a seitan steak that grills up perfectly, look no further! This recipe by the Avant-Garde Vegan is juicy and tender, but also meaty enough to satisfy even the omnis. You can make these steaks ahead and freeze them, then finish on the grill, which is perfect if you’re planning a big barbecue! Get the recipe.

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Vegetarian (Vegan) Hot Dogs

What would a barbecue or baseball game be without hot dogs? Both easy and really fun to make, these vegan hot dogs by Baked In look, smell and taste about 100 times better than any store-bought fake hot dog – and even give the real deal a run for its money. Get the recipe.

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TVP and Seitan Burgers

These vegan burgers by The Plant Based Dad are awesomely simple. TVP, vital wheat gluten and a few spices you probably already have on hand and viola! – you’ve got an excellent burger. Sure, there are tons of vegan burger options on grocery store shelves these days (and we’re very thankful for that!) but sometimes making your own is not only the cheaper option, but the tastier one, too! Get the recipe.

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Barbecued Seitan Ribz (Vegan Ribs)

What’s better than (vegan) ribs for a barbecue? These seitan ribs from Fat Free Vegan are baked first to help them absorb the flavor of the barbecue sauce, then basted and finished on the grill. This is another simple recipe without a load of ingredients – perfect for those who want the meal prep to be quick so they can get outside and enjoy! Get the recipe.

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Yessica Infante’s Vegan Drumsticks

These seitan chicken drumsticks by Yessica Infante are made using the washed flour method. If you’re new to making seitan that way, her video tutorial walks you through the entire process – start to finish. This recipe is perfect to bring to picnics or potlucks, and there’s even two options – fried or baked – to satisfy any picky eaters. Check out her YouTube channel for the recipe and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Simple Italian Sausages

Nothing says potluck like a tray of delicious sausage and peppers. These Italian-style seitan sausages from The Post Punk Kitchen are not only awesome in a saucey dish, but hold up amazingly well on the grill, too! This recipe is really a simple one so if you’re craving that Italian sausage flavor, this is a must-try! Get the recipe.

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Vegan Beer Brats

Who doesn’t love a good beer brat smothered with a little mustard and relish? Maybe some grilled onions and sauerkraut? Whatever your topping preferences are for this tasty vegan sausage, these brats from Brand New Vegan will be amazing at your next cookout! Get the recipe.

Vegan Chicken Souvlaki

Souvlaki is basically Greek for “grilled meat,” so of course this is the perfect dish for your next barbecue. This recipe starts with washed flour, though you can use any chicken-style seitan you like. Rest it in a savory marinade, then use the same marinade to baste and finish the seitan for layers of flavor. The skewered seitan makes a beautiful presentation on it’s own, but goes even better with some tzatziki and flat bread! Get the recipe.

Wicked Kitchen Seitan Brisket

Video © Wicked Healthy

The OG Vegan Brisket – Texas BBQ Style Seitan

Flame-grilled brisket covered in a sticky, sweet barbecue sauce? Where do we sign up?!? This grilled seitan from wickedhealthyfood.com not only veganizes the Texas comfort food, but brings you the ultimate, sloppy barbecue experience. Grab some paper towels for this one! Check out Wicked Healthy on YouTube for the recipe and don’t forget to subscribe!

vegan pulled pork sandwiches

Washed Flour Pulled Pork

This juicy, meaty, pulled-pork style seitan from washed flour gets smothered in barbecue sauce and charred to perfection. Its quintessential party food made for being piled high on some buns or loaded onto potatoes, but you can’t go wrong serving this any way you like at your next barbecue! Get the recipe.

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