Beef-less stew made with vital wheat gluten

Creature(less) Comforts

When the air turns crisp and the days get shorter, many of us look for foods that feel like a warm hug. This seitan recipe collection delivers. So turn up the heat and get cookin!

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Washed flour method of making seitan

Wash the Flour (WTF) Method

Making seitan from scratch may seem like a chore, but it’s a lot easier than you might think. Turn ordinary flour into a protein-packed, meaty delight in 10 simple steps.

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Learn More About Seitan

From beginner tips to enhanced flavor profiles and everything in between.

Where to Begin?

New to making sietan? Read some quick tips and tricks along with a handful of easy recipes to help you get started!

Is Seitan Healthy?

Learn about the nutritional values of vital wheat gluten and how to get the most protein from your seitan.

Achieve Seitan Umami

Are your seitan dishes lacking something? Give them the power of the 5th flavor sense - umami!

When Seitan Tastes too “Gluteny”

If you're at all sensitive to the "gluteny" aftertaste that vital wheat gluten can impart on your wheat-meat creations, you'll find yourself searching for a way to get rid of it. Here are a few tricks to help tame that taste.

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